Linda’s Favorite Finds From the Fancy Food Show

Jane Foodie Guiness Beef Stew:  complete meal in frozen can with all ingredients neatly packed in a plastic bag. Just place the frozen bag in boiling water or bowl in the microwave. Complete meal is only 350 calories.  Suggested Retail Price $1.99 per can (2 sevings)

Brooklyn Cured Snack Pack: Thinly sliced bresaol and gouda cheese, 2 servings per package, quick snack or a grab and go lunch. 65 calories per serving, 2 servings per package. Suggested Retail Price $6.99


Black Garlic by Epicurian Pantry: black garlic packed with antioxidants (more than regulary garlic) and no garlic breath. Many products including peeled cloves, paste, pearls and even black garlic ketchup. Suggested Retail Price $20 for 50 gram jar


Hot Squeeze: sweet and spicy sauce with a smokey flavor. Perfect to brighten up meat, use as barbecue sauce or even spoon over vanilla ice cream. Suggested Retail Price $9.50 for 8 ounce bottle.



Dumpling Daughter: Ginger, Soy sauce. Perfect over noodles or any sauteed meat. Suggested Retail Price $5.99 8 ounce bottle


Laurel Chanel Chevre en Croute: herbed goat cheese wrapped in a pastry dough. Just pop in oven and serve.  Perfect for cocktails. Suggested Retail Price $16.50 for 8.2 ounce