Kitchen Gadget Gifts

A great skillet! Farberware Glide Copper Ceramic Skillet  – long lasting, attractive, easy to clean. SRP 12.55 inch $21.47



For the baker: New Metro Beater Blade – no more scraping down mixer bowls, this blade does it all. It beats the mixture and scrapes the sides at the same time.  Price range about $40.



Aother baking product is the Metal Bowl Pouring Chute. The chute attaches to the mixing bowl and you pour dry or wet ingredients through the chute right into the bowl. No more messes on the counter. SRP $17.88


Chef’s Choice Pronto Pro is a hand held little knife sharpener, about 10 inches long with 3 grooves. You pull the knife through the grooves and it sharpens and keeps the knife at the right angle. SRP $49.99


Sabatier Knife and Sheath. The sheath has a sharpening steel in it. When theknife is removed from the protective sheath it hones the blade. SRP for 8-inch kknife $25.61



Cutting Board Fab Slab is made out of one solid piece of wood that is made out of wood from the camphor laurel tree and is naturally antibacterial. SRP $69



Scrub Mommy  is a little round scrub sponge in the shape of a face. It won’t scratch the surface of a pan of dish and is hard testured on one side and has a soft sponge on the other side. It makes a simple gift for you or friends. SRP $3.99