Linda’s Favorite Findds from the Fancy Food Show





Rick’s Pickles: Snack of small crispy picked cauliflower and carrots SRP $2.49/3 ounce bag



Effie’s Homemade: walnut biscuits, won best new product at Fancy Food Show SRP$6.997.2 ounce box



Partner’s Cracker Company: Cornbread flavored slow baked crisp crackers SPR $5.29/4 ounce box



Carbone Sauces: savor Carbone Restaurant meals at home with these chef made sauces SRP $23.99/pack of 2 24-ouonce bottles



Pareggio Cheese: Parmesan Gouda cheese mix with Parmesan flavor at less expensive price SRP $9.99/pound



Honey Gramz: Creamed chocolate pomegranate honey, great dessert topping or add to cake and brownies for rich flavor $10/6 ounce jar



Candy Pop Oreo Popcorn: Light crunchy popcorn with real oreo pieces SRP $4.99/5.2ounce bag



Natalie’s Guava Lemonade: cool drink perfect for summer and as a cocktail mixer SRP $2.49/16 oune bottle



Thaiwala Tea: flavorful cold summer tea drink SRP $6.99/32 ounce carton

Runamok Smoked Maple Syrup: makes a great smoked maple  old fashioned SRP $17.95/8.5 ounce bottle