Linda’s Kitchen Gadget Gifts the Fancy Food Show

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Grillbot – a robot that cleans your grill SRP $110




Therapin Intant Read Thermometer – Reads food temperature in seconds and is accurate. SRP $105




Taylor Multievent Timer – monitor 4 different times in one small timer SRP $12



Amco Housewares Gravy Separator – Separtes fat from sauce with the push of handle. SRP $18



Faberware Food Huggers – Cover your fruits, vegetables, open jars without plastic wrap. SRP $10 for set of 4 differenct sizes.



Microplane Elite Paddle Grater – Grates cheese and catches the gratings in plastic cover. SRP $15




Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner – cleans microwave in 5 minutes with no effort. SRP $10