BoxedWater as heard on Food News and Views

Not-so-fun-facts Did you know that more than 50 billion plastic water bottles are consumed in the us every year. By 2050 studies indicate we will have more plastic than fish in our oceans that is very scary.

This boxed water was the first plastic package alternative in the bottle beverage category and that was 12 years ago. Today they continue to be the most sustainable brand in the water aisle. It has 92% plant-based packaging that is 100% recyclable. Even their cap is made from the pulp waste of sustainably harvested nordic pines.

Boxed water’s whole name is really “boxed water is better, refill is best.” so you can refillthese boxes..

Another reason I like this water is it’s clean crisp pure taste. So I asked them how it’s achieved. The answer is that it has an an 8-step process -and that includes ultraviolet, carbon and reverse-osmosis filtration -so boxed water purifies their water and removes hard minerals and sodium.

Bonus – not only is boxed water a great plastic alternative for a better planet, they have planted more than a million trees with the national forest foundation. If you post a photo with your boxed water and include #betterplanet, they’ll plant two trees for you!

You can find a store near you on their website Boxed Water is Better. Or you can order it sent to you from the site.