Fancy Food Best Picks

Special products from the Fancy Food Show that I have continued to love and use. As mentioned on my Food News and Views radio show WDNA 88.9 FM. Podcast on all major sites.

Moon Cheese:  $3.99 2 oz package 

Cauliflower Pretzels: $3.99 4.5 oz package

Noosh Gold Snack: $17.99 box of 15




Blue Moose Hummus: $3.99 8 oz pacakge 

Mamas Roasted Pepper Spread: $18.99 for 19 oz jar

Kettlewood Cherrywood Smoke Chocolate Barbecue Sauce: $14.95 15 oz bottle

Dill Pickle Musard: Terrapin Ridge Farm $7.45 9 oz jar

K & M Extra Virgin Dark Chocolate $14.99 2.5 oz bar 

Pacari Chocolate: $5.99 8 oz bar

O.Vine Wine Water: $69 for 12 glass bottles

Barcoop Bevy Cocktail Mixer: $10 33.8 oz bottle