The Whet Pallette Restaurant News and David Ortiz Cocktails

Food News and Viewes on WDNA 88.9 FM every Wednesday 11-noon. Here’s what we talked about Feb 5.  What are the top-rated restaurants in S. Florida? What makes a reestaurant stand out? Brenda Popritkin founder and author of #thewhetpallette  answers these  questions and more. Spirits specialist David Ortiz @davidomiami talks about cocktails and tells us how to make the perfect drink. You can see him make his Frita Rita on our Facebook Video. Go to Linda Gassenheimer or WDNA Facebook page to see it. Also, learn about the life of a restaurant critic from New York Times Food Editor, Sam Sifton. Listen to the podcast  Podcast on all major podcast sites. Apple (iTunes), Stitcher