Pilar Guzman and Leigh-Ann Buchanan How to Succeed in the Food Business

What’s it like to start a business from scratch, based on a passion and an idea? I’ve had many people say to me they’d like to start a restaurant.  I have to admit that my advice is well maybe they should think again. Pilar Guzman Zavala and her husband Juan Zavala started their own business, Half Moon Empanadas.  Twelve years later their, after a tough start, it is now thriving with 11 restaurants.

Leigh-Ann Buchann is the executive director of the Venture Café. It connects entrpreneurs all over the world to make things happen. She is working with Pilar to help peopel in food industries.

They give tips for those starting a food business and those already in business who need a boost. Listen in to my podcast for more information or how to join the Venture Cafe for help.

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