Noise Levels in Restaurants

According to Zagat, noise is the second most common complaint of restaurant goers second only to poor service. Many restaurateurs say their success is determined by music and vibe.  Is there a happy medium? You can find information about the problems on the archived version ont the one hour program of Food News and Views  at

logopeaceTake a restaurant noise survey on Look for this logo on the site.


Adele Sandberg, founder of earpeace foundation and Dr. Sherilyn Adler, Executive Director of earpeace foundation

Download a decibel meter on your smart phone to test the noise levels in the restaurants you frequent.

iOS-based Apps

SPL Meter


Android-based Apps

SPL Meter from AudioControl

decibel Pro from BSB Mobile Solutions

db Sound Meter from Darren Gates

Noise Meter from JINASYS

For special ear plugs that lower decibel level go to