Phillis Wheatley Elementary Students work with Chef Michael Scwartz

Top chefs in Miami have been working in Miami Dade schools to show the students that healthy foods can be fun and delicious.  It’s part of the Miami Dade School system’s District Partnership Program.

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Stout Soused Chicken with Potatoes and Leeks

Chicken, potatoes and leeks lightly coated in a sauce made with stout and mustard make a one-pot meal that’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Stout, a strong, dark beer, is brewed from roasted malt or barley and hops. There are many different types. It has a distinct toast flavor loved by many Irish, however any type of beer can be used for this dinner.

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Michael Jackson loved Sweet Potato Pie, Lucille Ball was crazy for Chinesy-thing and skinny Katherine Hepburn loved her brownies – woman after my own heart.  More stories and recipes about stars who have, as one person said, moved to the kitchen in the sky, are the subject of Comedian, foodie, former movie critic for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Frank Decaro’s book The Dead Celebrities Cookbook. For podcast of the show, click the on air tab.

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