Linda’s Kitchen Gadget Gifts

Under $20 (These are suggested retail prices. Lower prices can be found on the internet or in stores.)

Combine Tong Tools: Cooking spoon and fork, when attached at handles becomes a tong. Safe for nonstick cookware, dishwasher safe, Kuhn Rikon $13.99

Faberware Food Hugger: Silicone covers to fit on the cut ends of fruits and vegetables or over can tops. Set of 4 $9.95



Sabatier Knife and Sheaf: Top quality knife stores in sheaf with mechanism to hone the knife with taken out of sheaf. $18.95.



Diamotech Nonstick Skillet: Inside is diamond infused ceramic. No fat needed to cook food and easy to clean. $14.95



Angry Moma Microwave Cleaner: Cleans microwave in 5 minutes with vinegar steam. $9.95



Pomegranate Tool: Easily seeds pomegates without a fuss. $19.95




Going up in Price


Chef’s Choice Pronto Pro: Sharpens knives quickly and easily. No electricity needed. $49.99

CDN Proaccurate Digital Rotating Thermometer: Accurately reads temperatures of meats and other cooked foods. $60



A little higher in price

Black Cube Fry Pan (skillet): Hybrid nonstick skillet has a stainless steel grid over nonstick surface. It’s non stick cooking without the food touching the nonstick sutrface. $79