Eleanor Hoh’s Beijing Olympic Recipes

Eleanor Hoh Wok Star © 2008
Recipes for your Beijing Olympics viewing pleasure…

Thai Curry Salmon
The simplicity of this dish is using only 3 main ingredients, coconut milk, red curry paste & fish sauce. Or use CurrySimple, a ready-to-use pouch with all 3
ingredients in it, available at Wholefoods and Wild Oats. This dish is exotic, delicious and perfect for weekday cooking. Coconut milk can be quite high
cholesterol, so it’s not something you want to eat on a daily basis. Like the Chili Shrimp, you want some carb to sop up the spicy sauce like Quinoa, brown
rice or bread. My philosophy of using any meat, seafood, poultry or your favorite veggies apply to all my “recipes”. These “recipes” give you the basis from
which you can adapt your own style, taste and creativity.


1 lb. salmon cut into thick chunks
Cut following into thick strips:
1 Italian, Chinese eggplant (if using American, use 1/4 only)
2 shallots
1/2 red bell pepper
1/2 green bell pepper
1 – 2 tsp. Thai Kitchen red curry paste
1 tblsp. Kikkoman fish sauce
1 can Coconut milk
1 tblsp. canola oil
2 scallions chopped small
handful chopped cilantro

1. Heat wok till just smoky (applies to cast-iron or carbon steel woks ONLY), add 1 tblsp. oil, add shallots, eggplant and bell peppers, stir-fry quickly till just
turning color and softening. Frying veggies first give them a lovely crispy, crunchy texture.
Take out veggies and put in a serving bowl big enough to hold the completed dish.
2. Add in wok, can of coconut milk, red curry paste and fish sauce and heat on medium. Use back of spatula to break up any clumps and stir to combine.
When curry sauce starts bubbling, turn down heat. Add in all the veggies from bowl and cook down till just tender. Doing this give veggies flavor from the
curry sauce. Lift veggies out with a slotted spoon to leave sauce in wok and put veggies back in serving bowl.
3. Let curry sauce bubble again before adding in salmon chunks. Lower chunks slowly so they don’t splatter into sauce. After only a few minutes, the fish
will turn color, flip over each chunk carefully. Once you turn over, they are practically done. With any seafood, if you overcook it, it becomes dry and tough.
The hot sauce will continue cooking the salmon, so undercooking will ensure they are tender. Use slotted spoon to remove salmon from sauce in wok and
add on top of veggies in serving bowl. Bring sauce in wok to just bubbling again and ladle sauce to cover half way up salmon & veggies in bowl. You can
use any leftover sauce for another small dish the next day by adding more veggies or just have curry sauce with rice or bread, yummy.

Rainbow Lettuce Wrap

A colorful and delicious party dish and a BIG FAVORITE…it’s like a Chinese taco. An explosion of flavors and textures in every bite, yummy…especially
good paired with a cold Tiger Beer. It’s all about yin and yang. Most ingredients can be prepared ahead of time and requires only last minute assemblage.
Check my website for more wok ideas and Wok Star Cooking Set so you can be a Wok Star. You’ll love the freedom of my “squirt, squeeze, shake”
technique and my no “recipe” method.

1 large Romaine lettuce, washed & dried
1/2 bowl toasted pumpkin seeds
1 lb. ground turkey or pork marinaded with TSPC :
1 tblsp. Tamari (San-J)
1 tsp. Sherry (medium)
dash Pepper (white pepper)
2 tsp. Cornstarch
2 tblsp. canola oil for frying (1 for meat & 1 for veggie)
thumb size ginger diced
4 large garlic cloves diced
Chop following into small cubes:
2 slices Jicama
2 scallions
1/2 of red, green, yellow & orange bell peppers
handful chopped cilantro (use any herbs you like)
Sauce (combine thoroughly in one bowl):
1/2 jar of Koon Chun or Kikkoman hoisin sauce
Juice of 1/2 a lime
1/2 tsp. Kikkoman or Huy Fong chili sauce, adjust to your taste

1. Fan out and layer the lettuce leaves on a wide platter, leave space in center for bowl of “rainbow” mixture with spoon. Place one small bowl with nuts,
another with hoisin sauce and place next to platter with spoons.
2. Heat wok till just smoky (applies to cast-iron or carbon steel woks ONLY), add 1 tblsp. oil, add 1/2 of your garlic & ginger. Add all the cubed veggies, stirfry
quickly and add a dash of tamari and sherry. Veggies should be crispy-crunchy. Dish into big bowl, do not cover. Wash out your wok and dry
3. Heat wok till just smoky, add 1 tblsp. oil, add other half of garlic & ginger. Add ground turkey and spread out evenly to get crispy on one side before
flipping over and breaking turkey up. Do not overcook as it can taste dry. Turn off heat. Combine vegetables with turkey in wok. Dish out small amount to
a medium size serving bowl and place in center of lettuce leaf platter. You can reheat mixture on low and refill from the wok.
4. Show your guests how to eat this dish. Place lettuce leaf on plate, spread hoisin sauce inside leaf, add spoonful of “rainbow” mixture along length of
leaf, top with toasted seeds, fold up on one end and eat from the open end, it’s a winner everytime.

Singapore Chili Shrimp
Singapore is home to Tiger Beer and also where my mother was born. During last year’s family reunion there, Tiger Beer was constantly a part of our
festivities. I’m providing these “recipes” to start you off. In my Wok Star Cooking Set, I offer a simple-to-follow visual approach and once you get this big
picture, you’re on your way to creating hundreds of your own “recipes”. You just need to substitute meat, seafood and poultry as well as veggies.
Vietnamese like to eat this dish with dinner rolls or baguette to dip in the sauce. It’s also good with aromatic Jasmine rice and a simple stir-fry vegetable
dish. Also try with Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa), it’s an heirloom Inca grain with a nutty flavor and texture that’s not as starchy as rice.


1 lb Shrimp, shelled & deveined
2 tblsp. canola oil
4-8 cloves garlic, roughly chopped
4 thin slices fresh ginger, shredded
1 large tomato roughly chopped
2 scallions, cut into diagonals
Combine sauce ingredients in a bowl :
1/2 tblsp Tamari (San-J)
dash Sherry (medium)
dash Pepper (white pepper)
1 1/2 tsp Cornstarch (3-4 good shakes)
1 tsp Kikkoman or Huy Fong chili sauce
1 tsp Kikkoman black bean sauce with garlic
1 tsp fresh squeeze lime or lemon juice
1 big handful cilantro roughly chopped
wedges of lime or lemon

1. Heat wok on high till it smokes (applies to cast-iron & carbon steel woks ONLY), add 3 swirls of oil (about 1 tblsp) round sides of wok, add half of your
garlic and ginger and stir-fry till just golden. Add in chopped tomatoes and fry till just soft, add in scallions and fry a little. Plate tomatoes & scallions. Wash
out wok & dry.
2. Do the same process as in no.1. Heat wok, add 3 swirls of oil (other tblsp.), add rest of garlic and ginger, add in shrimp and stir-fry till just pink. Wash out
wok & dry.
3. Heat on medium all sauce ingredients and fry till it starts to thicken, add back in the tomatoes and shrimp and fry till warmed through, adjust seasonings
to taste. Plate and garnish with cilantro all over and wedges of lime round the dish. Enjoy!